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speech intonation on a musical scale

Edmund Lindop,

for the notation of at least five separate properties of speech intonation . the melodic slides of speech are not part of the musical diatonic scale, but much .

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Just intonation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In music, just intonation (sometimes abbreviated as JI) or pure intonation is any . The Guqin has a musical scale based on harmonic overtone positions. . The human voice is among the most pitch-flexible instruments in common use.

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PLoS ONE: A Biological Rationale for Musical Scales
Citation: Gill KZ, Purves D (2009) A Biological Rationale for Musical Scales. . melody or harmony, in traditional Western voice-leading and in other musical systems . Just intonation is generally considered the most natural tuning system and .

The frequency scale of speech intonation
whether pitch movements in speech intonation are perceived on one of . tance between two tones is expressed in a musical interval . In this musical scale, .

The Musical Scale of Just Intonation
aries of the spectra of speech and music are well established but the cost of . in demonstrating that the musical scale of just intonation is a fundamental .

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Dysprosody in Parkinson's disease : Musical scale production and ...
frequency of their voice as well as to master the rise in frequency required by the task (i.e. production of the musical scale and intonation patterns) and (b) to .

An Empirical Method for Comparing Pitch Patterns in Spoken and ...
KEYWORDS: speech intonation, musical melody, perception, melodic contour, . assigns to syllables are not constrained to follow any particular musical scale.

Real-Time Music Tone/Overtone/Intonation Analyzer. . --Intonation and Pitch- Matching Practice, Singing Scales Practice, Tonal Control Measurement -- . This is good for speech, but musical sound is not usually regenerated effectively.

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Why music sounds right - the hidden tones in our own speech : Not ...
Mar 14, 2009 . Musical intervals reflect the sounds of our own speech, and are hidden in . Musical scales just sound right because they match the frequency ratios . more information on this research re just intonation vs equal temperament.

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