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Edmund Lindop,

snowynight | Rare Marvel femslash pairing manifesto
Rare Marvel femslash pairing manifesto · Mar. 3rd, 2012 12:13 pm. snowynight: An Asian doctor who's also Captain America (Default) · [personal profile] .

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Twenty-First Century Books, 01.09.2009 - 112 Seiten

Mistress Titania - FanFiction.Net
A collection of xover ficlets that will feature rare pairings. There will be slash, femslash and het pairings. Xovers include Doctor Who, Heroes, Eureka, Naruto, .

femslash - Interests
bsg_femslash - Battlestar Galactica Femslash (Updated 1 day ago) Battlestar Galactica . OTP (Updated 2 weeks ago) The rare Doctor Who ships comm; [info] .

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Feb 28, 2012 . Author's Note: Scary inaugural Doctor Who fic post is scary. Crossposted everywhere . Disclaimer: Unfortunately these characters are not mine. =( Owned by the . Tags: donna, femslash, gwen, river song. Posted at 05:04 am .

Doctor Who - WWOMB :: Fandom Listings
Warning: slash. Author's Notes: This is set mid -season two of the recent run of the Doctor Who series, for those who are avid Doctor/Rose fans I like that pairing .

RPF - Fanlore
In femslash or slash oriented fandoms, the terms Real Person Femslash or . These are more commonly used in many fandoms than the more inclusive term, RPF. . is paired with everyone, but mostly actors from his show, or Doctor Who.

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But then the tendency of Doctor Who is reductive towards such events and the characters . Tegan and the 5th Doctor are bad fits and the character ended up being made more . There are even, dare I bring it up, Slash stories with Adric.

Doctor Who S32 E7 "A Good Man Goes to War" - Television Tropes ...
The 'Colonel Runaway' scene and his What the Hell, Hero? to River are all about showing the Doctor when he's really at the limit of his restraint. The Doctor: .

Essential Links for Slash Readers
Vids, Multi-fandom, Specialty Archives, Rare Slash. Battlestar Galactica . POTC, X-Men, Magnificent 7. SorkinVerse, Movies, Dr Who/Torchwood, Miscellaneous .

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Torchwood - Children of Time Awards::Nominated by the fans; Voted ...
Drabble: Fics that are exactly 100 words (not counting the title). A fic nominated here . Femslash: Female/Female pairings; Het: Male/Female pairings. . These cannot be crossovers with Doctor Who or The Sarah Jane Adventures. Character .

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